Anise Seed, Organic

Product Description

This herbal has a wonderful aroma of fresh licorice and a smooth licorice taste which lingers on your palette. Possibly the best known potential benefit of anise seeds is they aid in digestion. Anise Seeds are one of the older spices in the world commonly used today. They date back to the time of Ancient Rome when used to help after eating too much. Anise Seeds are rich in nutrients including iron. They may protect against stomach ulcers, prevent fungi and bacteria growth, relieve symptoms of depression and menopause, balance blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.

Enjoy a fantastic cup of Organic Anise Seeds!

Ingredients, Organic: Anise Seed

Low in antioxidants

Caffeine free

Altitude 1 - 100 feet above sea level

From: Egypt (Nile River Delta)