Explore Tea Lovers

Product Description

Explore Tea Lovers is assortment of different types of Teas offering the opportunity to try different caffeine levels. This Explore Box includes true teas and flavored teas. True teas are not flavored. This is an excellent way to explore different types of teas.


This Explore Box includes 1/2 oz of each of the Teas listed below, except for the White  and Oolong Teas which are each 1/4 oz: 


White - Ontario Icewince
Green - Hojicha
Purple - Purple
Oolong - Hunan Red

Black - Rose Congou


Teas in our Explore Boxes change from time to time. The Teas in the photo may vary from those in the description. We do our best to keep the list and links current but sometimes our sales get ahead of our website changes. Therefore the Listed Teas/Herbals are subject to change.