Fruit Fantasia

Product Description

This fruity herbal has a tantalizing aroma of orange and cinnamon with a little hibiscus. As this great mix of fruit floods your taste buds, apple approaches first combined with the tartness of hibiscus. Then comes the smoothness of orange combined with the warmth of cinnamon. At the end, orange lingers on your palate. Fruit Fantasia is a delightful mix packed with a delicious variety of flavors.

Enjoy a cup of Fruit Fantasia!

Ingredients: Apple + Rosehip + Orange pieces, Hibiscus petals, Cinnamon, Natural flavors.

Contains Vitamin C

Caffeine free

Altitude 200 - 1500 feet above sea level

From Turkey (Anatolya) / Chile (Patagonia) / Egypt (Nile River Delta + Fayoum) / Thailand (Petchabun)