Ginger Warmth

Product Description

This tea has a smoothing aroma of ginger and green tea. It has a smooth warming ginger green tea taste. The warmth of the ginger lingers on your palate. The combination of ginger and green tea provide so many potential benefits. (See Ginger Root Pieces Herbal and Sencha Green Tea descriptions.)

A little bit of history about ginger - In ancient Chinese medical texts, ginger was reported to cure everything from coughs to the common cold. The ancient Romans baked ginger into bread and ate it at the end of meals to aid digestion. In India, ginger to this day is made into a paste that is rubbed on the temples to ease headaches.

Enjoy a warming cup of Ginger Warmth!

Ingredients: Green tea, Ginger, Calendula + Sunflower petals

Very High in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 200 - 6500 feet above sea level

From Kenya (Kericho) / Chine (Hunan) / Thailand (Petchabun) / Egypt (Nile River Delta) / Poland (Gandsk)