Greek Wisdom

Product Description

Sweet aroma is of licorice and more. Taste is complex with a mild licorice aftertaste. Overall, the aroma and taste seem like a little bit of Greek Wisdom in a fantastic tasting herbal. The ancient Greeks believed intestinal health was a large component of overall health and believed it affected our immune systems and our emotional/brain health. Key ingredients in Greek Wisdom include anise seed, licorice root, fennel seed and butterfly blue pea flower. The potential properties of this herbal are many including antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and digestive which also may provide relief from heartburn and overeating. According to Hippocrates, the Greek Father of Medicine, "all diseases begin in the gut." Last but not least, this herbal may have anti-aging properties due to butterfly blue pea flower. 

Enjoy a delicious cup of Greek Wisdom!

Ingredients: Anise, Licorice, Fennel, Currant, Rosehip, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, Hibiscus, Star Anise, Nettle, Jasmine, Natural flavors

Contains antioxidants

Caffeine free

Altitude: 200 - 4500 feet above sea level

From Greece (Corinth) / Chile (Patagonia) / France (Provence) / India (Kerala) / Egypt (Fayoum) / China (Fujian) / Thailand (Phetchabun)