Mint Muse, Organic

Product Description

Aroma is mint with a slight scent of roses. Taste is mint softened just a little by the smoothness of rose petals which pull all the flavors together into this Specialty Blend, Organic Mint Muse Rooibos. This Specialty Blend combines all the benefits of Rooibos, Peppermint, Spearmint and Rose Petals into a delicious herbal. Mint Muse may boost immune systems and benefits may include anti-inflammatory, decongestant, help with digestive issues, headaches, tension, colds, sore throats and stress - just to mention a few.

Enjoy a cup of Organic Mint Muse Rooibos and relax musing about...

Ingredients, Organic: Red Rooibos, Peppermint + Spearmint leaves, Rose petals

Medium in antioxidants

Caffeine free

Altitude: 1500 - 2500 feet above sea level

From: South Africa (Cederburg) / USA (Washington) / Egypt (Nile River Delta)