Odyssey, Organic

Product Description

This vibrant copper colored oolong has both an aroma and taste which are slightly smoky with hints of sweetness. This tea is made from the summer and autumn harvest of the tea leaves. Two tender leaves and a bud are hand-picked with great care either early in the day or in the late afternoon before sunset. The smokiness comes from the leaves being dried with oak or pine smoke. This unique tea finishes with a long, mellow, smooth, smoky taste which lingers wonderfully on your palate.

When teas from the Ilam region of Nepal are studied, they routinely show high levels of both antioxidants and L-Theanines. This also suggests the high concentration of potential health benefits found in these teas is likely a result of altitude and the fact that the plants are often younger tea plants than those found in other tea growing areas of the world. In addition, they are harvested during a short growing season, and the longer dormancy may produce higher levels of antioxidants. Since Nepal is so isolated, a challenge to obtain Nepalese tea is getting them out of the country.

Ingredients, Organic: Oolong tea

High in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 6000 - 7000 feet above sea level

From Nepal (Ilam)