White Peony, Organic

Product Description

Organic White Peony, a.k.a. Pai Mu Tan or Bai Mu Dan, has an aroma which is smooth and refreshing. The delicate taste enlightens your taste buds. Organic White Peony is a full-bodied White tea. Its smooth velvety flavor includes subtle layers of peach and floral notes. Considered to be the least processed tea, White tea has 3 times the antioxidants that green or black teas have. Organic White Peony is traditionally processed, and naturally withered and dried. Only two leaves and a bud are selected from the tea plant. The tea leaves are hand sorted. White teas were developed during the Tang Dynasty 1100 to 1400 years ago and at that point were reserved for members of the Imperial Courts. China began exporting White tea for the first time in the 1890’s due to an increase in quantities being grown.

Enjoy a cup of delicious, antioxidant packed, Organic White Peony!

Ingredients, Organic: White tea

Very high in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 1500 to 4900 feet above sea level

From China (Fujian)