Rose Garden, Organic

Product Description

Rose Garden has a smooth floral aroma which is both sweet and a little tart. The extraordinary taste of Rose Garden is first the tartness of rose petals followed by the smoothness of rosehips. Rose petals and rosehips have many benefits. They are high in vitamin C providing support for your immune system. In addition, both may help prevent heart disease, may detoxify the body, particularly the liver, and may help reduce inflammation. Rosehips and rose petals may also help with digestion, colds, sore throats, stress and depression. They may improve the appearance of skin including signs of aging and acne. Rose petals may help relieve menstrual cramps. Enjoy an extraordinary cup of Organic Rose Garden!

Ingredients, Organic: Rosehips, Rose petals

Caffeine free

From Chile / Egypt (Nile River Delta)