Rose Petals, Organic

Product Description

This herbal has a wonderful rose aroma and a smooth rose flavor. The many possible benefits of rose petals include improving immune systems, respiratory issues and colds, relieving menstrual cramps, aiding sore throats and helping to detoxify the body. Rose petals are high in vitamin C, may have anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce signs of aging in skin. Rose petals are often considered a sign of love and are thought to have healing properties. The love of roses goes back at least to Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and Iris, the Egyptian Goddess of Love.

Enjoy a lovely cup of Organic Rose Petals!

Ingredients, Organic: Rose petals

Contains antioxidants

Contains Vitamin C

Caffeine free

Altitude: 1 - 100 feet above sea level

From Egypt (Nile River Delta)