Fujian Silver Needle

Product Description

An extraordinary Silver Needle White Tea from Fuding County in China’s Fujian Province, Fujian Silver Needle has a smooth and refreshing aroma. This delicate, buds only white tea has an exquisite flavor with hints of peach. The buds of this premium Silver Needle have fine, downy white hair and are carefully hand picked to provide a top quality, consistent Silver Needle. The tea is then hand sorted, and naturally withered and dried. Also known as Fuding Da Hao, this delicate Silver Needle leaves a lingering hint of peach on your delighted palate.


Savor a fabulous cup of Fujian Silver Needle!


Ingredients: White tea


High in antioxidants


Low in caffeine


Altitude: 1500 to 4900 feet above sea level


From China (Fujian)