Dragon Puerh (Black)

Product Description

Dragon Puerh has a mild earthy puerh aroma which is refreshing and smooth. The taste is also smooth and earthy with a hint of black tea astringency at the end. Dragon Puerh is a 7 layered puerh cake. This Black Puerh has been aging since 2012. Puerh is unique in that it is a fermented tea and has been believed for a least 800 years to have many medicinal properties. Research indicates puerh can introduce healthy probiotics (beneficial intestinal bacteria as in yogurt) into your body. These probiotics may improve blood sugar levels, weight management and digestion. Other benefits of puerh may include improving cholesterol, boosting liver health and inhibiting cancer cell growth. What an amazing tea!

Legend has it that a dragon appeared in a dream to a man who wanted a 7th son. The man, a government official, was instructed by the dragon to have he and his wife steep an entire 7 layered puerh cake made with local puerh. The next day the man went to the local tea factory and had them make a 7 layered puerh cake. After the cake was ready, he and his wife followed the dragon's instructions......about 9 months later their 7th son was born. BTW - The town which was struggling, began to prosper.

Enjoy a wonderfully mellow cup of Dragon Puerh!

Note: Puerh should be rinsed before steeping.

Ingredients: Black tea (Puerh style)

Low in antioxidants

Medium in caffeine

Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level

From China (Yunnan)

Available in 2 oz

Also available in a tea cake - see Tea Cakes Drop-down.