Lichee Congou

Product Description

Lichee Congou has a sweet fruity aroma and a taste of sweet lichee fruit combined with a very smooth black tea flavor. Lichee Congou is a scented tea which means the tea leaves are infused with the flavor of lichee fruit. A scented tea is not a flavored tea. Scented teas are infused with natural scent and flavor during the making of the tea itself. Flavored teas are flavored after the tea is produced. Scented teas have been around for centuries and ours are produced according to ancestral recipes. 

Enjoy a refreshing cup of Lichee Congou!

Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors

Medium in antioxidants

Medium in caffeine

Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level

From India (Nilgiri) / China (Fujian)