Soom Darjeeling First Flush

Product Description

A smooth, delicate muscatel aroma awaits your senses with Soom Darjeeling First Flush. This outstanding Darjeeling First Flush has a wonderful, almost creamy, muscatel flavor. As is characteristic of first flushes, the black tea flavor is gentle, almost hidden, and the normal black tea astringency is simply not there. Darjeelings are considered the Champagne of Tea and are delicate, light black teas grown in the Darjeeling region of India. Soom First Flush is harvested in March at the height of the First Flush season. Soom Tea Estate, located in the northwestern part of the Darjeeling district, produces this stunning Darjeeling First Flush with a leaf grade of TGFOP1 (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe #1).


Soom Tea Estate is a part of the Darjeeling district’s early tea history as the tea bushes were first planted on the estate in 1860. Many of the tea bushes on the Soom Estate are over 130 years old and continue to produce remarkable tea. The slopes of the tea fields are so steep that the tea leaves need to be carried to the factory on mountain ponies. The estate sits in full view of the Himalayan Mountains, and rare mountain air helps to provide this stunning First Flush.


Savor an exceptionally delicate cup of Soom Darjeeling First Flush!


Ingredients: Black tea (TGFOP1)

Ultra High in antioxidants 

Medium in caffeine 

Altitude: 3500 - 7000 feet above sea level