Tinjure Ilam Second Flush, Organic

Product Description

An outstanding golden black tea from the Ilam district of eastern Nepal, Organic Tinjure Ilam Second Flush has a wonderful, muscatel aroma. The luxurious, rich, creamy taste of this complex tea has many layers including juicy apricot and undertones of honey. This is a smooth, delicate, light black tea grown in the Himalayan Mountains. The Tinjure Tea Cooperative produces this outstanding Ilam Second Flush with a leaf grade of SFTGFOP1 (Silver Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe #1). The tea leaves, consisting of a bud and two top leaves, are harvested by carefully hand picking the budsets in June.

Tinjure Tea Cooperative is one of Nepal’s first cooperatively owned and operated tea factories. In the early 1990’s, three villages on three hillsides banded together and began growing tea. The villages chose the name Tinjure which means ‘three hills’ in Nepali language. Originally, Tinjure sold its tea to established tea estates. In 2013, the members raised money to establish their own processing facility. The slopes where the tea is produced are extremely steep which makes it very difficult for the tea pickers to go about their work. The combination of the steep terrain and Nepal being a landlocked country, make the growing, harvesting and transporting of the tea leaves a challenge. We certainly benefit from all the effort to make this luxurious black tea.

Sip an outstanding cup of Organic Tinjure Ilam Second Flush!

Ingredients: Black tea (SFTGFOP1)

Very High in antioxidants

Medium in caffeine 

Altitude: 3500 - 7000 feet above sea level

From Nepal (Ilam)