Formosa Gunpowder

Product Description
The aroma of this gunpowder green tea which comes from Taiwan is a wonderful green tea aroma. Formosa Gunpowder’s taste is a gentle green tea taste which leaves your palate feeling refreshed. Although mild in terms of a gunpowder, this tea has strength and is definitely a captivating green tea.

About 300 years ago tea bushes from China’s Fujian Province were first planted in Taiwan. Taiwan’s tea growing and production is concentrated near Chi-lung in the northern part of country. The best gunpowder teas come from China and Taiwan.

Enjoy a captivating cup of Formosa Gunpowder Green Tea!

Ingredients: Green tea (Special Formosa Gunpowder)

Medium in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 1500 - 2500 feet above sea level

From Taiwan (Taipei)