Product Description

Hojicha has a roasted aroma. The taste is also roasted with a hint of sweetness. Hojicha is a very interesting Japanese Green Tea. The tea leaves are steamed and dried like the leaves of Sencha. The difference from most other Japanese Green Teas comes from the next step. The leaves are roasted over low heat. The roasting process decreases the caffeine in the tea leaves, produces a red cup of tea, and is responsible for the hint of sweetness.


Enjoy a very unique cup of Hojicha Green Tea!


Ingredients: Green tea


High in antioxidants


Low in caffeine


Altitude: 200 - 1000 feet above sea level


From Japan (Kagoshima)


This Japanese tea is once again being grown in Japan. Some of the southern islands were not damaged by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident. Our suppliers have taken the time to test, test, test the soil before they began growing Japanese teas on a particular island. We are very happy to once again be able to offer some Japanese teas grown in Japan. In the meantime, please be assured the Japanese teas we carry which are not grown in Japan are made to Japanese specifications.