Nandi Highlands Silver Needle

Product Description

An amazing Silver Needle White Tea from the slopes of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, Nandi Highlands Silver Needle has a relaxing aroma of roasted nuts. This extremely rare white tea harvested on the valley’s cool early mornings, has an extraordinary taste of roasted nuts and honey with a hint of vanilla. The vanilla, which provides “creaminess,” is no longer just a hint in the second steeping. Only the choicest white tips are carefully hand selected for this tea. After the fresh leaves are hand plucked, they are skillfully hand rolled, naturally withered and dried, and made into the is extraordinary tea by very skilled tea artisans.


Savor an amazing cup of Nandi Highlands Silver Needle!


Ingredients: White tea 


High in antioxidants


Low in caffeine


Altitude: 5500 - 6500 feet above sea level


From Kenya (Nandi Highlands)