Goji Berry Oolong

Product Description

The tremendous aroma and taste of Goji Berries are found in a cup of Goji Berry Oolong. The cup is smooth and refreshing, and has a classic oolong finish. Goji Berries are considered to be a superfood due to their high levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The combined potential benefits Goji Berries and Oolong Tea are awesome. Goji Berries and Oolong Tea have been enjoyed for their taste and benefits in China since at least the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).


Enjoy a absolutely delicious cup of Goji Berry Oolong!


Ingredients: Oolong tea, Goji berries, Sunflower + Calendula petals, Natural flavors


Very High in antioxidants 


Low in caffeine


Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level


From China (Fujian) / Poland (Gdansk) / Egypt (Nile Delta River + Fayoum)