Product Description

A smooth oolong aroma and a taste which is exquisitely oolong. Hunan Red’s taste is smooth, mellow and toasty with a smooth, light oolong finish. This is a full-bodied oolong with beautiful red leaves. Hunan Red, like most of our true oolongs, can be steeped longer than our recommended times. The resulting cup will be stronger. The strength depends on how long you steep the oolong, and the first sip often produces an even bigger, “Wow!” It did with me as I sipped Hunan Red while writing this description. 


Something to keep in mind as you try different teas, is our instructions are really suggestions to get you started. Temperature of water is most important, but steeping time and the amount of tea used can be adjusted to your taste buds.


Enjoy a cup of delicious Hunan Red!


Ingredients: Oolong tea (Dan Chong Red)


High in antioxidants


Low in caffeine


Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level


From China (Hunan)