Product Description

Narcissus (Shuixian) Oolong, a Rock Oolong, has a floral aroma reminiscent of narcissus flowers (daffodils). Its taste is slightly floral, full of flavor and deeply refreshing with a lingering hint of sweetness. Narcissus Oolong is traditionally processed and hand sorted following the ancient art of Chinese tea making. It is roasted over a charcoal fire to bring out the sweetness. The leaves of Rock Oolongs are rolled lengthwise instead of being rolled into balls like the leaves of Ti Kuan Yin Oolongs. If you have never tried a Rock Oolong, this is a great one with which to start!

Savor a cup of Narcissus Rock Oolong!

Ingredients: Oolong tea (Rock Oolong)

High in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level

From China (Fujian)