Product Description

This traditional Japanese green tea has a very smooth green tea aroma and a smooth, clean taste leaving your mouth feeling fresh and alive. A characteristic of Sencha is its grassiness, both in aroma and flavor. Tea plants used to make Sencha are grown in sunlight and have higher levels of antioxidants, less caffeine and lower levels of L-Theanine than tea plants grown in shade. Sencha came to Japan from China in the 17th century. Prior to this time, Matcha (powdered tea) was the tea consumed in Japan. Sencha then became the preferred tea in Japan because it required much less preparation than Matcha. Today, the Japanese consume more Sencha than Matcha. Sencha and Matcha are both ceremonial Japanese teas.

Enjoy the wonderful taste and benefits of Sencha!

Ingredients: Green tea (Sencha)

High in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 200 - 1000 feet above sea level

From Japan (Kagoshima)