Big Red Robe, Organic

Product Description

Organic Big Red Robe, a.k.a. Da Hong Pao, is a Rock Oolong with an aroma which is delicate, slightly roasted and has hints of floral notes, perhaps of orchids. The taste of this very famous, rare oolong is truly amazing, slightly roasted, smooth, almost creamy and absolutely delicious. Big Red Robe has a sweet, long lasting aftertaste. The flavor of this oolong, like all true oolongs, changes with each successive cup. 

This very famous, rare Rock Oolong is grown in the Wuyi Mountains (Wuyishan Mountains) of Fujian province. The tea bushes used to make Big Red Robe Oolong, like many of the other plant species which grow in this region of outstanding biodiversity, are ancient. They have grown in the mountains’ rocky outcroppings for generations. Mount Wuyi, the official name for this area, is one of the world’s finest, intact, subtropical forests and was formerly known as Bohea Hills in early Western documents. Many legends exist about Big Red Robe, its healing powers and the imperial red robes which were used to protect its roots during winter.

Savor amazing cups of Organic Big Red Robe Rock Oolong!

Ingredients, Organic: Oolong tea (Rock Oolong #1)

High in antioxidants

Low in caffeine

Altitude: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level

From China (Fujian)